Carrie Rexroat

Freelancer and Teacher, Horn

In addition to being a phenomenal musician, Carrie is one of those truly kind people who connects and teaches extremely well. She is a major reason why I am pursuing a music major at the University of Michigan”
— Patrick W., student 2009-2012

Carrie has always been a very passionate teacher and instructor, reaching all kids and abilities. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she brings a smile to everyone that she works with.
— Jason Smith, Band Director at Ann Arbor Skyline H.S.

Teaching is a passion of mine, and it is always my goal to inspire my students to experience a heightened appreciation for classical music. If you or your student chooses to study with me, I can personally guarantee that he or she will gain a newfound appreciation into what the world of music has to offer. I take music and teaching very seriously, and expect all students to adhere to my guidelines, but I too want lessons to be a fun and rewarding experience for all involved!

Lesson Rates:

30 minute lesson: $30

45/60 minutes lessons: $50

*In certain cases, I am flexible with rates. For any band teachers, we can discuss group rates as well!*

Getting Set Up:

Washington Residents:  Please contact me through my contact page to set up lesson times/locations

All other Residents:  Please message me privately on Play with a Pro to set up a virtual lesson. You'll also find my available times listed along with specific rates. 

What to expect in lessons:

For Beginners:

In a typical lesson, I will have the student work on breathing exercises with a spirometer, which is a tool used to strengthen and increase the air capacity in the lungs. I focus on this particularly because many of the problems young musicians face in their playing can be cured by better air support, and by teaching the importance of using air from the beginning, the student has a greater chance at avoiding some of those problems in the long run. This is the only mandatory accessory item I require for beginning lessons, and by clicking on the link you can purchase one at a very low cost for your child. I also incorporate scales, tonguing exercises, long tones, as well as other technical exercises that will strengthen the student's ability to better move around the horn, and be able to begin to tackle music with proficiency. Depending on the student's age and their level of interest in music, I will also cover basic music theory in lessons, and will provide additional exercises that will allow the student to learn more about music theory if he or she so desires. Aural training, however, is an integral part of learning the instrument, and therefore will be a part of lessons. Last, but not least, my favorite aspect of lessons is playing duets. It is vitally important for a young musician to be able to create the sound they want on a horn by listening to how an advanced player sounds. Playing duets is a perfect and fun way to achieve this, and all my beginners love to play duets.

For Advanced Players:

In a typical lesson with my more advanced students, I will also work with them on the spirometer, which they will frequently use both in our lessons and in the practice room. Depending on where they are currently in their technique and their musical abilities, I will create a customized lesson plan that challenges them to strengthen their weaknesses, and solidify their strengths. I require that all of my advance students purchase these technique/etude books, which I will assign to them weekly to bring back to perform the week following:

Again, depending on the skill level, I might have a student purchase additional books and additional music, but these four books are what we will begin with. If you are ever in need of any sort of financial assistance in regards to music, please feel free to let me know and I can get you the materials your child needs. 

Practice Expectations:

In addition to playing in lessons, I expect all levels of students to do outside practicing each day. I will give each student an original copy of a practice log which must be signed by a parent each week and brought to lessons. This is just to make sure that the students can see their progress, and that you are getting your money's worth.

What to expect from me:

I always want the best for my students, and it is my personal philosophy that every student has the capability to achieve something great. But I also believe that in order for anyone to achieve anything, he or she must be committed to working hard and being diligent in what he or she is setting out to accomplish. I really try and challenge all of my students, and because I believe so deeply in the fact that someone has the capability to be great, I have high expectations in regards to a person's work ethic. I sympathize with the inordinate amount of tasks and other extra curricular activities students are participating in these days, and understand that there are more important things than practicing sometimes. However, I must ask that if your child decides to study with me, I would very much appreciate both you and your child being very upfront about how serious they are about learning the horn. I say this to not be discouraging in any way shape or form, but to be clear and upfront with what you can expect from me as a teacher, and what I can expect from you as a student. There are different things people are passionate about, and if your child is either learning horn for fun, or wants to maybe someday pursue it as a career, either is OK with me. But just please be upfront with me on your expectations!

Virtual Business Card

If you feel so inclined to pass along my information to someone, here is my virtual business card! I'd greatly appreciate anyone passing along my information!